Tips for Making Nebulizer Use More Fun for Your Child

For parents whose child has asthma, it is a real challenge to get their child to cooperate while using a nebulizer. A nebulizer is a machine, either battery operated to electric, which is used to turn liquid medicines into a mist to be inhaled.

In general, nebulizers are used for young children, to make it easy for them to inhale whatever medication is required to relieve them from asthma. Compared to an aromatherapy nebulizing diffuser, nebulizers require kids to stay still when inhaling the mist.

How Do Nebulizers Work?

Nebulizers normally come with a mouthpiece and/or a face mask. While wearing the mask, this child should breathe normally for around 10 minutes or until the liquid medicine has been used up. The problem with a child that keeps moving during the process is that he or she may not get the right dose of the medicine.

It is, therefore, up to the parents to try to make their child comfortable and cooperative during the entire inhalation process. While this could seem really difficult, there are things you could do as a parent to make nebulizer-use more enjoyable for your kid.

  1. Establish a routine where using the nebulizer is part of. It’s important that your child get used to this so that he or she will know what to expect during a particular time of day.
  2. Many children refuse to wear the mask that comes with the nebulizer. If your child is the same, then you should think of a way to make the mask less scary. For instance, you could role-play and say that he should use a space mask or a pilot mask perhaps.
  3. Make the nebulizer machine become your child’s toy. Let your child decorate the machine with sticker maybe, just so your child could be more familiar with it. This will also give your child a sense of ownership over the machine, and will help your child feel more at ease using it.
  4. Keeping your child busy while using the nebulizer will help get his attention away from the nebulizer. You could read books to him or watch a DVD, too! Make this a fun time as much as you can so you won’t have to worry about your child refusing to inhale the medicine.

If your child is having troubles sleeping at night because of clogged nose or any difficulty breathing, provide him or her with a calming environment. Aromatherapy has been known to promote relaxation and ease of breathing. You just have to choose a scent that you think your child will love, and have one of those Zen Living Snowball aromatherapy diffusers electric to use overnight. This diffuser is also very easy and safe to use.



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