Zen Living Snowball Reviewed by Tiny Drops of Honey

Zen Living Snowball Aromatherapy Diffuser: Reviewed

zen-living-electric-aromatherapy-diffuser.jpgIt is cold season and guess who has a cold.  A BAD one.  First my husband had it.  He was such a DIVA about it, lol.  The thing is, he can take any medicine he wants.  I on the other hand, can not as I am breastfeeding my little one.

(Little fella has a cold too, but luckily for him, mama is providing him antibodies.)  So the 2 people who are really suffering with a cold, is mama and daughter (who is 3 1/2).  She cannot take medicine as most medicine is for ages 5 and up.  So it is mainly hot soup, water, water, and water.

I do not really drink OJ any more as it is too sweet and acidic now for my taste, and she only drinks milk and water (luckily she does not have a taste for juices yet).  I have been having my daughter and I take our daily vitamins.

I do try to get her to nap when possible, but it is a struggle with all her energy.  I of course am a robot, and do not sleep.  I have far too many things that have to get done when the house is quiet and so sleep comes to me unfortunately in the wee hours of the night.

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Zen Living Snowball Essential Oil Diffuser – I am a huge fan of essential oils, so I have always got several diffusers running.  I got to check out the Snowball from Zen Living and I wasn’t sure about it at first.  It has several features, so make sure you read the instruction manual.

I wasn’t sure how to properly work it at first, but I quickly figured it out after reading the manual.

It has 3 different mist settings from low to high.  It also has 7 different lights that you can stop on to have a solid color of light.

You could let it cycle through the colors or even turn the light off completely as well.  I love that the Snowball is super compact yet it packs a big punch.  It will run almost ALL DAY!

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