Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. How long does the diffuser last before shut-off?

A. One refill last about 8 hours.

A. How many sq. ft. is this diffuser good for?

Q. It is good for about 600 Square feet or 55-65 square meters

Q. How hard is it to clean the diffuser?

A. It is very easy to clean. You just need to use a soft sponge and lukewarm soapy water.

Q. And how often do you have to clean the diffuser?

A. Once a month would be more than enough.

Q. Is this a glass or plastic diffuser?

A. It is made of very high quality plastic. It looks and feels and touches like a soft luxury item.

Q. Can you turn the light off, with diffuser on, to sleep?

A. Yes, you can easily do that.

Q. Does anybody know what the warranty is on the Zen Living SnowBall Diffuser?

A. We have a 1 year no questions asked money back guarantee.

Q. Can you use it as a humidifier?

A. Yes, it can be used as a humidifier too.

Q. Is there disposable cups in side?

A. No, there is no disposable cup onside, it has its own built in water container what you can easily clean with warm water.

Q. Can I use essential oils in the diffuser?

A. Yes, of course you. This what it is primarily for.

Q. Does the diffuser have cold mist or hot steam?

A. It produces cold mist.

Q. Can you use citrus oil in this diffuser?

A. Yes, you can use any type of aromatherapy oil in this diffuser.

Q. What kind of mist or vapor does the diffuser produce? Is it thick or thin?

A.  The thickness, (or girth) and the height of the mist column (or vapor column) depends on a few factors. There is a MIST switch on the device, on the left of the main power switch. This is a touch sensor and by default it is set to High. So when you switch the device on the mist comes out with full strength. When you touch it the first time, the mist will go to Moderate, when you touch it again it will go to Low.

Q. How does the light work on the diffuser?

A.  The touch sensor of the Light Control is on the right of the Main Power switch. By default the light is set to automatic and it will rotate the various colors. When you touch it the first time, the rotation of colors will stop at the very color you actually touched the sensor at. It will sit there until you touch it again. When you touch it again, it will switch off and go dark. When you touch it once again it will start to rotate the colors again.

Q. How often do I have to fill up the water tank of the diffuser?

A.  We recommend to fully fill up the tank every single time you are using the diffuser. This will not only add fresh water to the system, but will also ensure that you get the maximum amount of mist when using it. When it is fully filled up and the mist is set to High, you can expect 10-12 hours of operating time. When I set it on Moderate, I can manage to get 20 hours of operating time out of it with 1 fully filled up tank. If you are constantly using the diffuser, the water level should go lower and lower and eventually it will run out. This will happen faster if your device is set to High and will happen later if it is set to Moderate or Low.

Q. Can I add essential oils to the water? What kind of oils can I add to the water?

A. This is a very delicate issue: the important part is that you need to pick your oils really carefully. Unfortunately there is no room here to give you a full blown aromatherapy and essential oil course, but let me give you the gist of it.

In order to get the best experience you need to purchase the highest quality 100% pure essential oil from a trusted seller. When using a high quality oil only a few drops will help you achieve the maximum experience. The lower the quality of the oil the less fragrance will be released into the air during the process of creating mist out of the water.

But overall, it all comes down to the oils original scent (there are stronger and also less intrusive scents) the blend (there are certain blends which shine through stronger than others: for instance eucalyptus blends can really be smelt even in smaller quantities), the quality (as we discussed above, there are lower and higher, 100% pure essential oils) and the quantity (the amount of drops you put into the water)

If you leave the water in the tank overnight and there is oil in the water, the oil will evaporate and you will not be able to enjoy it the next time when you switch on the diffuser. You need to add oil to the water again prior to switching the diffuser on. You can find real expert advise regarding the above topics on aromaweb.com.

We personally use the SnowBall every single day and it works like a charm. I fully fill it up and add 100% pure eucalyptus oil and it can be smelt everywhere in our large living room. It does not burn the oil and one fill lasts for almost an entire day.

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